ANNA VIE, celebrating style and timeless elegance, was founded by Judith Anna Pronk in 2013.
ANNA VIE embraces life in an easy, stylish and feminine way.

With her feel for style, creative energy and eye for detail Judith has created garments, for every type of woman, whether you’re the casual, formal or fancy chic type.

An ANNA VIE blouse will adapt and transform and become a part of your personal style, and will give your outfit just that extra touch of femininity. Crafted from the queen of fabrics, ANNA VIE’s silk blouses offer everyday luxury with contemporary silhouettes and timeless designs. Style with seasonal separates for an updated look.

“The love for silk blouses came to life when I snitched two beautiful ones out of my mom’s closet. Because I was never able to find the next perfect blouse I created ANNA VIE.  Silk is such a versatile fabric, it can be smart, casual and it’s always comfortable”. Judith Anna Pronk

ANNA VIE, modern essentials in the best fabric, fit and most important shapes.
Fresh, modern silhouettes with a distinctly iconic feel.