Judith Anna Pronk CREATIVE MIND based in Amsterdam - ANNA VIE is the alter ego of Judith Anna Pronk

Judith started her career as a dancer in 1999 after finishing the dance academy ‘Hoge School voor de Kunsten’. 
After 10 years of dancing it was time to make a switch and follow that other dream; working in the fashion & magazine industry as a make-up artist. She has a broad clientele like HEMA, WE Fashion, Silver Creek, Steps, Tramontana and many more. Magazines love her crispy and clean style and the fact that she is has a clear point of view on set. 

In 2018 she and stylist Maartje van den Broek decided to join forces and give life to NOUS SOMMES, a creative agency that delivers the whole package when it comes to creating the concept and delivering the best crew for making it happen. And more! Be sure to check www.noussommes.nl for some inspiration.

But as Judith is always evolving, the urge for image making became stronger, so she decided to pick up the camera herself and find her own signature. By attending the FOTO ACADEMIE in Amsterdam she got the tools and knowledge to go out into the world and realize the ANNA VIE signature first hand. ANNA VIE Photography was a fact.

Judith Anna: “I think in images and not in words. It is the way to express myself and communicate the best I can. And I also just love connecting the dots between client and product without losing esthetics. For me its about all the beauty around us and making it visible”.



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Credit - Nine Ijff

Credit - Nine Ijff